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Leading technology
  • Rare earth metal–free permanent magnet reluctance main drive motor system for new energy buses
    The new reluctance motor is designed with high salient pole ratio magnetic circuit structure to ensure output performance, without any rare earth materials, and the motor efficiency is high, which opens up a new research direction of the main drive motor system.
  • High-performance linear servo motor and driver
    High power density design technology and low cogging torque design technology to achieve the shortest motor length and highest power density in the servo motor industry.
  • High-performance servo motors and drives for industrial robots
    Independently developed high-performance servo motors and drives for industrial robots, realized the self-adhesive structure and process technology of stator core without buckle point yoke separation, as well as the integrated design technology of brake and motor end cover, and the main performance indicators are better than the international level of similar products.
  • Magnetic levitation variable frequency centrifugal refrigeration compressor and chiller
    Independent research and development of hybrid and active magnetic bearings and corresponding high-speed motors, and successfully applied to 80RT-1300RT single-head magnetic levitation centrifugal compressor, so that its suspension accuracy and carrying capacity are high in the international leading level."